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Meet Svitlana, Founder of Temple Body Work

My name is Svitlana and I am your therapist.  As founder of Temple Body Work,  I specialize in a unique form of massage called Polynesian Ka Huna (Lomi Lomi), as well as certified as a Tantra massage therapist and Tantra massage teacher, combining experience and different knowledge about the body, mind and spirit.

I have spent the last two years of my life dedicated to spirituality and healing arts all over the world. My various interests and studies have led me to Mexico, Estonia, Denmark and Australia.

Svitlana OreshkinaHolistic Therapist

Give Yourself Time

There is nothing more important than making the time to take care of ourselves – our mind, body and spirit. Contact me to schedule a time that fits your schedule. My private massage space is located in Toronto’s Cabbagetown district.

Discover our Massage Treatments
Tantra Massage

2 Hours


2.5 Hours


3 Hours


A Tantra Massage offers the same benefits of a regular massage but with more long lasting effects. Tantra is all about moving energy in your body. A Tantra Massage can be very therapeutic and offer longer lasting benefits because it helps to move physical, mental and emotional energy that is stuck in the body. This can result in the releasing of many physical, mental and emotional blockages.

KaHuna Massage

1.5 Hour


2 Hours


2.5 Hours


KaHuna massage is a therapeutic massage based on the teachings and practices of the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas. In the language of native Hawaiians, “huna” means “secret knowledge” and a master practitioner of any of the huna arts is known as a “kahuna.” Traditionally, KaHuna massage (“Lomi Lomi”) was practiced in the Hawaiian Islands both for relaxation and as one of the Kahuna healing arts.

Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage

1.5 Hours


2 Hours


2.5 Hours


Heartworks Lomi Lomi is much more than just a massage technique. It takes you to a deep, quiet place inside yourself.  Your breath slows, your mind is free, relaxed and “kind of empty”. Lomi Lomi is often referred to as a spiritual massage, however, the technique is actually quite practical and specific.  Lomi Lomi therapists use rhythmic and flowing touch for soft and deep tissue massage.

Ceremonial Massage

3 Hours


4 Hours


What if you chose to celebrate important moments of your life, on the massage table? This is an experience to be had, this unique and magical session is perfect for life’s big transformations and changes, it may be your birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, giving birth, big dreams come true, or perhaps simply a desire for an absolutely amazing experience. This beautiful massage ceremony becomes a way to celebrate and make this moment even more special with renewed energy.

Cupping Therapy Massage

1 Hour


1.5 Hours


We offer various cupping treatments including stationary cupping, facial cupping, cupping massage and more. Massage cupping is considered an alternative medicine to help with pain management and induces feelings of relaxation and stress relief to ease tension. Cupping therapy offers several advantages including aiding in promoting blood flow and increase blood circulation to muscles and tissue, supplies oxygen to cells, loosens knots, and can release and drain excess fluids and toxins.

Raindrop Massage

45 Mins


1 Hour


The Raindrop Aromatherapy Massage is an amazing approach to applying do_TERRA  essential oils (the best oils on market today)  along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. This ultra-relaxing massage improves your well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function.

What Clients Say

“I had not yet experience the deep healing powers of the Kahuna Massage technique until I met Svitlana. The treatment has been such a transformative experience in allowing me to connect back with my true self to live in more positive, high vibe connected state in both mind and body, and with nature. Svitlana is intuitive, gently natured, passionate, and holds a deep connection with her practice and her client. Anybody and everybody would benefit from treatment – I can’t recommend her enough!”

Brittany W.Natural Beauty Specialist - Founder of Luxe Glow

“I recently had the surreal pleasure of experiencing the Ka Huna Massage with Svitlana. It was something one cannot express into words. Svitlana has such a clean and beautiful energy that can release any form of tension in the body. The massage is deeply soothing and allows you to be in a safe space to let go of the outside world and simply connect with energy. I was also having a back issue where I could not stand straight and she was able within one session to correct it and it truly feels like a miracle. Thank you Svitlana you are incredible!!”

Ashley A.Business Owner

“It was an experience for my soul and spirit to get such a comfort massage. Thank you Svitlana for bringing these amazing treatments to Toronto!”

Mariela S.Financial Industry

“The first massage, I went in with a bad back, very sore and very stiff, left 100% healed and recovered, on top of that
Felt a beautiful energy running through me, I walked back to my office very relaxed and at peace. It was more than a typical massage, I felt lighter, spiritually and mentally.

The second massage, I came with no pain, and after the massage, felt much centered, at peace with a calm beautiful energy. On the way back to the office I had to stop and reflect on how good I felt, everything felt like it is going to be OK! A Calm beautiful healing energy was in and around me!!!

Mike G.Business Owner

“During the massage I had the sensation of being transported back in time and being part of an ancient and spiritual ritual. I felt like a bride being tended to before her wedding night preparing the chakras to be receptive to the energy of love. It was very powerful and beautiful.”

Annette G.Teacher

“Thank you so much! I am feeling Whole for the first time in my whole life! Which could sound cliché, but I am genuinely mean it. Thank you SO much!!!”

Robyn A.Graphic Designer

““An Opportunity for a Transformative Experience”
What ca I say?! Unique, mind altering, powerful!
Svitlana provides a safe, clean environment for ultimate comfort and deep relaxation. The massage is an “excuse” to roll up your sleeves and get down to business of growth through healing! She possesses a dynamic ability, specifically using a clear energy to help you move through energetic blockages. This is the real benefit I experienced during her treatments. They are remarkable!!!Thank you Svitlana! Love Paul”

Paul C.Business Owner

“Svitlana is a master healer. I feel so blessed to have found her and so far experience my first Kahuna massage - which was exactly what I needed to help move my energy. I so very much look forward to another session with her and have already referred at least one client her way.”

Rachel P.

“I've been to Svitlana twice for a Ka Huna massage. Words cannot even describe the experience. She is extremely talented, no matter how terrible you may feel going in, you will leave feeling relaxed and peaceful and wonderful. I can't wait to go again. Thank you Svitlana!”

Kellie Kaczanowski

““The first massage, I went in with a bad back, very sore and very stiff, left 100% healed and recovered, on top of that
Felt a beautiful energy running through me, I walked back to my office very relaxed and at peace. It was more than a typical massage, I felt lighter, spiritually and mentally.

The second massage, I came with no pain, and after the massage, felt much centered, at peace with a calm beautiful energy. On the way back to the office I had to stop and reflect on how good I felt, everything felt like it is going to be OK! A Calm beautiful healing energy was in and around me!!!"”

Mike Cullen

“My first time at Templebodywork was a total body, mind, and soul experience of relaxation, pain and stress relieve. The atmosphere, aroma of essential oils, and the mood music, set the tone for Svitlana to work her magic. I enjoyed a full body massage like never before. I truly felt Svitlana's energy flow through my entire body for an amazing 90 minutes. Highly recommend a visit to Templebodywork.”

John Pacheco

“I wish I had the words to describe my experience with Svitlana. Her space is warm and inviting. She took time to learn about me before my session, and even before my arrival over the phone. She’s passionate about what she does and this can be felt. She has the most loving touch and provides feelings of safety and openness. Thank you Svitlana! See you again next weekend :)”

Ellen Erickson

“Svitlana is amazing. Her massage took me back to myself. You can feel her energy and also her commitment in make you feel all the sensations that balanced chackras can give you. I've been running around this city just trying to find someone like her, she has a beatiful energy and her technique is suberb. I can't hardly wait for the Tantra massage.”

Anna Paris

“I have had both a Ka Huna and Tantra massage with Svitlana. Each massage was entirely customized to my needs. Before my first massage, we had a phone call, where Svitlana learned more about me and we discussed which types of services would best suit my needs. She thoroughly explained how the massages work and their unique benefits. Upon arrival to my appointment, we spent more time discussing what I would like to get out of the experience. She has a collection of amazing essential oils and encouraged me to create my own blend for her to use during my session. The Ka Huna massage was beautiful-Svitlana has the most wonderful energy. Standard massages, they’ll start with your back, then do one arm, then the other, then one leg, then the other. The kahuna massage is full body and feels like a dance. It was a beautiful experience and weeks later, I am still feeling the bliss from this massage. The Tantra massage was equally powerful. Tantra massages are more energy based and Svitlana encouraged me to try the Kahuna massage before jumping into the Tantra massage. The Tantra massage was longer (2 hours), but it felt timeless. Svitlana has the most loving touch. I couldn’t give Temple Body Work a higher recommendation. Everyone should experience this bliss.”

Ellen Erickson

“What Svitlana does is simply amazing energy work for those who are open and ready for it.
I've surely experienced an energetic shift. My confidence, mental clarity, and heart chakra were all flowing better yesterday and today.
I went straight to bed without any sexual frustration and the feelings of aloneness I had been experiencing consistently every night for the last 3 years. I feel more self love and acceptance. Better mental and emotional energy flow throughout my whole body. I left so happy smiling ear to ear so grateful for you and what you do. Thank you! You are my chakra-energy coach! I'm already seeing some people I will be sending to you.”

Marcus Winters
January 16, 2020

How to prepare for receiving a Massage

When you come visit on your first or next massage, whether it be Kahuna, Lomi Lomi, or Tantra massage, the following practices will help improve and get the greatest short and long-term benefit with your massages.Massages actually last anywhere from 10-21 days in the body!These days depend on your health condition, how much medication you are taking, what your food intake is like, if you drink excessively, do drugs, smoke, or have abused your body over the years.

December 6, 2019

What is Tantra?

As long as we are lost in the chaos of our own thinking, the activity of our own minds, we stay on the surface. Working with the body has a very interesting effect on that chaos. The more we COME HOME to the body, the more that surface static begins to quiet down. And the more we cease to dominate and control our experience. In the Tantric tradition, working with the body, is the basis for self-inquiry.

releasing-tension-temple-body-work-massage-tantra-kahuna-lomi-lomi-toronto-canada-polynesian Blog
August 13, 2019

How to release tension in the body

Fear is pervasive in todays society. Fear is generated in every corner; media, friends, family, neighbours, social media, governments, and our minds. We all have fears. They can be fear of spiders, snakes, heights, airplanes, weather, relationships, death, dying, abandonment, getting old, body image challenges, Sexuality, not being good enough, what will people think, and the list goes on and on!


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