The Temple Art of Touch


Our curriculum begins with the soul-touching teachings of Tantra Massage, the temple art of touch. It is a well-structured program of sacred practices that introduces Tantra to you in a very tangible and experiential manner.

The lover in you will learn how to induce intense pleasure through Tantra Massage, as well as how to surrender into powerful orgasmic states. Meanwhile, the healer in you will be inspired by demonstrations of the alchemical nature of touch and cultivated by the eminently practical methodology, clear guidance, and personal instruction. Tantra Massage is the energetic and healing bodywork that will take you into the tantric dimension of your sexuality and spirituality.


When practiced with skillful care and attention Tantra Massage can have a multitude of beneficial effects. It can:

  • Restore and rejuvenate the whole body
  • Heal chronic ailments
  • Disperse excess sexual energy and thereby increase sexual and orgasmic potential
  • Alleviate blockages
  • Open important energy channels
  • Liberate stuck energy
  • Inspire confidence, happiness, and contentment
  • Increase sexual potential
  • Indescribable physical and emotional release
  • An opening of your heart chakra
  • A new found of freedom and lightness
  • Clarity on the direction of your life
  • A feeling of your purpose

This wondrous and inspiring bodywork is a rare opportunity for everyone to reach deep and satisfying fulfillment in love and life.

What you will learn & practice :

  • What is Tantra and what is Tantra Massage
  • Taking the first steps in the temple art of touch
  • Human energy structure and its relevance in Tantra Massage
  • Learning how to move sexual energy with touch and concentration of your mind
  • Demonstration and practice of tantric yoni and lingam massage
  • How to recognize and manage blockages and purification effects harmoniously
  • Important energy points and massage techniques to increase the energy flow and much more

This 5 days course will introduce you to a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and your partners, based in the rare tantric attitude of transfiguration. It will also show you that the healing nature of Tantra Massage cannot be understated; it has the ability to reach and release blockages that in many cases were not even consciously known.

During your stay at our course you will be served yummy, nourishing vegetarian meals carefully prepared to promote a healthy digestive system and help create your vitality, energy and Love!

Meals will be low in fat and high in fibre, gluten free if needed and predominantly prepared using organic produce.

If you suffer from digestive problems then we look forward to serving you tasty meals which will help restore your stomach towards a better health.

During the day you will be encouraged to drink plenty of water with lemon and there will be a selection of herbal teas as well.

If you want to fast track your health, give your body a break, or just want to detoxify for a short time, then our retreat is a safe and achievable program.  Please note that all activities are presented in a relaxed atmosphere, do not require any specific preparation.

Our course is strictly smoke and alcohol free!

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