Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples

Relationships lay the foundation of our growth by providing a reflection of our own strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, patterns, old wounds we have yet to heal as well as obstacles we have conquered. They can our greatest tool or our worst enemy.

An authentic path of Tantra can teach us how to interact with others in a profound, equitable and beneficial way. It can provide you with the necessary knowledge for extraordinary relationships.

Tantra Massage – the magical study of energy and bliss! Our Tantra massage teachings will open a doorway into the activation, control and use of sexual energy for healing purposes, achieving deep spiritual states and transformative pleasure. This energetic and healing bodywork will take you into the tantric dimension of your sexuality and spirituality. When Tantra Massage is practiced properly between couples its effects are twofold. Firstly it transforms the individual. If healing and energy are the cornerstones of this practice, a person – man or woman – experiences a cleansing of energetic channels, a purification of the physical body, an alleviation of blockages, a renewed vitality, a spiritual awakening often times, and a soul opening bliss. Because the individual is transformed the coupleship will naturally evolve as well and deeper intimacy will be established, orgasmic potential will expand and true unconditional love will develop. This is the secondary effect. Tantra Massage can show you how to use sexuality for spirituality and how to bring spirituality to your sexuality! It is the magical study of energy AND bliss.

Our Tantra curriculum begins with the soul-touching teachings of Tantra Massage, the spiritual art of touch. It is a well-structured program of sacred practices that introduces Tantra to you in a very tangible and experiential manner.

The lover in you will learn how to induce intense pleasure through Tantra Massage, as well as how to surrender into powerful orgasmic states. Meanwhile, the healer in you will be inspired by demonstrations of the alchemical nature of touch and cultivated by the eminently practical methodology, clear guidance, and personal instruction. Tantra Massage is the energetic and healing bodywork that will take you into the tantric dimension of your sexuality and spirituality.

What you will learn:

• What is Tantra and Tantra Massage

• Taking the first steps in the temple art of touch

• Human energy structure and its relevance in Tantra Massage

• Learning to move sexual energy with touch and concentration of the mind

• Demonstration and practice of tantric yoni and lingam massage

• How to recognize and manage blockages and purification effects harmoniously

• Important energy points and massage techniques to increase the energy flow and much more

This retreat will introduce you to a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and your partners, based in the rare tantric attitude of transfiguration. It will also show you that the healing nature of Tantra Massage cannot be understated; it has the ability to reach and release blockages that in many cases were not even consciously known.

This course includes nudity and intimate personal touch. It is essential that those wishing to join are ready to open up and approach this subject with maturity, sincerity, and respect. Please realistically evaluate yourself before applying. There is no explicit sexuality in this training and no explicit sexual activity is part of the curriculum.Important note.

Our Tantra massage courses provide valuable life-changing experiences and teachings in tantric energy and spiritual knowledge. However, despite that many participants experience energy-based orgasmic sensations in the course, it is important to clarify that our massage courses do not guarantee feeling energy, having energy-based experiences, or experiencing orgasms of any kind during the days of the massage course itself. These experiences depend on individual levels of purity, whether or not blockages exist, and karma, among other things – and therefore cannot be guaranteed. In some cases more time and individual practice are needed. Please keep this in mind before you register for any of our Tantra massage courses.Let the transformational Temple Art of Touch welcome you into a realm of oceanic bliss!

This course is taught by Tantra Massage teacher Svitlana Oreshkina – coupleship will naturally evolve as well and deeper intimacy will be established, orgasmic potential will expand and true unconditional love can develop. This is the secondary effect.

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