Celebration of your Birth Massage / Ceremonial Massage

What if you chose to celebrate important moments of your life, on the massage table?

Our ceremonial massage is an experience to be had, this unique and magical session is perfect for life’s big transformations and changes. It may be your birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary, giving birth, big dreams coming true, or perhaps simply a desire for an absolutely amazing experience.  

Major life changes, such as the ending of an important project, or beginning of a new phase in your life, quitting a job or getting a new one. This beautiful massage ceremony becomes a way to celebrate and to make this moment even more special with renewed energy.

Our lives have cycles, a “Celebratory Birthday Massage” can be your yearly celebration carried out on the day and time of your arrival on this earth, providing time for celebration in the uniqueness of the amazing person you are. This special and unique treatment gives an opportunity to address any reoccurring patterns in your life that may stem from the circumstances of your birth.

Ceremonial Massage Toronto

About the Ceremonial Massage

Through a flowing nurturing massage, we will help you to welcome a new year of your life and expand the positive energies within.

Length – 3 & 4 hours


The session will be only one of the day (due to the Therapist's preparations)
More ritualistic before and after the session
Special Cacao ceremony
Special custom massage oil blend
Surprise birthday gift

(The 4-hour session includes a sacred Temple bath ritual)

Pricing, Ceremonial Massage Toronto:
3 hrs - $500
4 hrs - $600

For a customized astrological reading, please inquire.