What Clients Say

“I had not yet experienced the deep healing powers of the KaHuna Massage technique until I met Svitlana. The treatment has been such a transformative experience in allowing me to connect back with my true self to live in a more positive, high vibe connected state in both mind and body, and with nature. Svitlana is intuitive, gently natured, passionate, and holds a deep connection with her practice and her client. Anybody and everybody would benefit from treatment–I can’t recommend her enough!”

Brittany W.Natural Beauty Specialist - Founder of Luxe Glow

“My experience with Svitlana for the first time KaHuna massage was amazing! She explains everything in detail so you have a better understanding of how KaHuna massage works. She has a magic touch. It was a very relaxing experience. I will definitely go back. Totally recommended!!!”

Haleh H.Bank Analyst

“It was an experience for my soul and spirit to get such a comforting massage. Thank you Svitlana for bringing these amazing treatments to Toronto!”

Mariela S.Financial Industry

“The first massage, I went in with a bad back, very sore and very stiff, left 100% healed and recovered, on top of that felt a beautiful energy running through me, I walked back to my office very relaxed and at peace. It was more than a typical massage, I felt lighter, spiritually and mentally. The second massage, I came with no pain, and after the massage, felt much more centered, at peace with a calm beautiful energy. On the way back to the office I had to stop and reflect on how good I felt, everything felt like it is going to be OK! A calm beautiful healing energy was in and around me!!! ”

Mike G.Business Owner

“During the massage, I had the sensation of being transported back in time and being part of an ancient and spiritual ritual. I felt like a bride being tended to before her wedding night preparing the chakras to be receptive to the energy of love. It was very powerful and beautiful.”

Annette G.Teacher

“Thank you so much! I am feeling Whole for the first time in my whole life! Which could sound cliché, but I am genuinely mean it. Thank you SO much!!!”

Robyn A.Graphic Designer

““An Opportunity for a Transformative Experience” What can I say?! Unique, mind-altering, powerful! Svitlana provides a safe, clean environment for ultimate comfort and deep relaxation. The massage is an “excuse” to roll up your sleeves and get down to business of growth through healing! She possesses a dynamic ability, specifically using clear energy to help you move through energetic blockages. This is the real benefit I experienced during her treatments. They are remarkable!!! Thank you Svitlana! Love Paul”

Paul C.Business Owner

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