Heartworks Lomi Lomi MinI Retreat for Couples, Coming Soon


Temple Body Work Heartworks Lomi Lomi MinI Retreat for Couples


We will teach you a special loving relaxing massage based on a Hawaiian healing modality known as ‘Heartworks Lomi Lomi’, which will help improve your relationship and ignite new sparks towards each other.

Very often as couples in long-term relationships we experience a lack of touch. At the beginning when we just fall in love, we experience tenderness towards your partner, we hug each other very often, kiss, and holding hands, etc. We live with this for a while, and often after that passes for some reason we forgo this. No time, we have something more important to do, busy jobs, kids and the list of excuses goes on. Tension starts to accumulate and grow and we start to face some conflicts in family and relationships. A tense atmosphere in the house affects our children, who start to feel and suffer. Your partner not talking to you, you not talking to your partner. It grows more and more and at the end of the day, you realize that divorce is on the way.

How you can avoid this situation and stay happy in your relationship? This Heartworks Lomi Lomi mini-retreat will help you to stay in a relaxed mode by fostering inner harmony and tranquility.

Temple Body Work Heartworks Lomi Lomi mini-retreat is a simple yet divine form of Hawaiian massage. Using the breath, heart and hands connection, you are both transported into a meditative space of deep relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. The most beautiful aspect of this teaching is its simplicity – in its form, nature and in the learning of it. If you are a believer of touch as a powerful healer on all levels, you will love Heartworks Lomi Lomi. You will also learn about the Huna Philosophy, which is a beacon for living a freer and gratitude-filled life.

This is a live in retreat experience with 3 meals provided daily.

In 4 days, you will breathe deeper, find more freedom in your body, mind and spirit, create or deepen your soul connection with your partner, and refill your own soul with Aloha. Most importantly, you will gain a gift that keeps giving.

This is a live in retreat experience with 3 meals provided.


Temple Body Work
In association with Mette’s Institute of Bodywork and Personal Development

Limited availability.


$2,800 per couple

Early bird: $2,600 per couple


22595 Warden Avenue
Queensville, ON
L0G 1R0


  • Can you tell me more about this mini-retreat? 

The Heartworks Lomi Lomi mini-retreat is being offered for couples in a form of retreat. We help our couples to reconnect on a deeper level using loving touch and much more. It is a special and powerful setup as an intensive retreat experience being in a city and taking place at our Temple 4 days in a row.

  • Will I practice with my partner all four days?

It is your free choice here: you can practice with your partner or if you would like to experience touch with a different person with mutual agreement, it’s all fine.

  • Any other activities that we will be doing during this retreat?

During this mini-retreat we are going to also be doing meditation, morning yoga and some activities just for you and your partner (you may get some romantic homework when you go home overnight, who knows ), but most of the day it will be a lot of practice. Plus, some other fun stuff, it will be our surprise for you.

  • How big is the group?

The group is very small and intimate. It will be a maximum of 4 couples.

  • What about food, will that be provided?

As it will be a long day, food will be offered complimentary. A light vegetarian breakfast and an amazing delicious lunch and dinner. It will be a retreat type of experience and we will make sure your body is nourished. Our food is always amazing and a big signature for our workshops, it has been one of the most famous highlights for our students in past.


$2,800 per couple

Early bird pricing: $2,600 per couple


Please pay the amount in full to confirm your booking; if you can’t pay the full amount you are welcome to make a deposit of $400 per person (non-refundable), with the balance to be paid 3 weeks prior to the event. If you are unable to attend the retreat for any reason, Temple Body Work should be contacted as soon as possible. The retreat cost is non-refundable after it’s paid, the amount may be transferred to another course, or refunded only if the vacancy for the retreat can be filled by someone else.

Other payment options:

  • e-transfer or cash by simply contacting us (recommended option: as all your questions can also be answered about the course when we personally connect through email or phone: 647-808-9304, info@templebodywork.com)
  • PayPal/credit card online here on this page.


Svitlana would love to connect and answer all your questions about this retreat. Hope to see you there!

647-808-9304, svitlana@templebodywork.com


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