Svitlana Oreshkina

Meet your healing massage therapist

My name is Svitlana and I am your healing massage therapist.  As the founder of Temple Body Work, I specialize in a unique form of massage called Polynesian KaHuna (Lomi Lomi). I am also a Tantra certified massage therapist and Tantra massage teacher, combining experience and different knowledge about the body, mind and spirit!!! 

I will give you a memorable experience.

I have always been interested in energy and how the human body works. I have spent many years of my life dedicated to spirituality and healing arts all over the world. My various interests and studies have led me to Mexico, Estonia, Denmark and Australia.

At the moment I mainly focus on KaHuna and Tantra Massage because of its amazing ability to help people in their physical, mental and emotional body, but also to get in closer touch with their own soul. I am also a practitioner of Ayurveda, Polynesian floor massage, physic surgery, and personal counselling.

In my free time I practice yoga, meditation, Hawaiian flying exercises, nutrition, culinary, gardening and working with essential oils,  I really enjoy my choice of doing what I love,  helping people.

Schools attended:

Somananda Tantra International (  – Tantra Massage Therapist, Tantra Massage Teacher Training, Astral Healing, remote Tantra Massage and Art of Prayer

Mette’s Sorensen’s Institute of Bodywork & Personal Development at High Spirit Retreat  ( – KaHuna Therapist Level 1-7, Leadership Facilitator and Heartworks Lomi Lomi Instructor.

Ayurveda Rituals with Andrea Olivera  (  – The Abhyanga and Indian Head Massage Specialist

Phenomenal Touch Massage School ( – 3D Hot Stones Massage with Leslie Bruder, Colorado

I am very grateful for all my amazing teachers from these schools, various courses and incredible people in my life.

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"This has for me and for a number of my clients, created an experience of profound strengthening of personal empowerment, brought about clarity, and helped to identify what it is that makes our hearts sing and steer us onto the path of our life purpose."


Over the last 13 years, I have been on a challenging and interesting life journey that has involved a spiritual transformational that lead me to discover various modalities of holistic healing treatments. Each time I acknowledged a deep knowing within me that there was something else, something profoundly powerful that was going to set me on a path to changing my circumstances. During this incredible life journey, sometimes it was really challenging, I have experienced healing of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.

Since studying and becoming a KaHuna, Tantra and Ayurveda Massage Therapist, my life has shifted into becoming deeply aware of Mother Earth, the Divine, God, energy and the elementals and nature’s spirits and brought about a deep and profound sense of connection with my family, friends and community as my tribe.

I love how KaHuna, Tantra and Ayurveda Massage Bodywork and their philosophy stir up and facilitate deep cleansing of old belief systems that block various aspects of people’s lives and can remove the veil of the 3rd-dimensional reality. This has for me and for a number of my clients created an experience of profound strengthening of personal empowerment, brought about clarity, and helped to identify what it is that makes our hearts sing and steered us onto the path of our life purpose.

Life continues to be a journey, and I am drawn to meditation, yoga and nutrition as an important daily practice. This helps me to maintain a strong and healthy body, mind and spirit and awareness of the NOW. This is where I find the magic to connect with my clients while giving my Massages.  This Philosophy also helps me to maintain an immense sense of gratitude for all my blessings, connection with others, awareness of my surroundings, and my behavior and confidence to speak my truth with love. This Bodywork has been a deeply nurturing yet powerful healing modality that has catapulted my spiritual ascension, which I am passionate about sharing with and inspiring family, friends and the community.

I wish you a life with as many and more blessings and love as I continue to experience and look forward to sharing the magic of KaHuna and Tantra and healing massage with you and your loved ones.