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What is Tantra? Tantra Massage Toronto

Tantra is a 5000-year-old ancient spiritual science that incorporates many tools and practices to help humanity to reach its higher potential.

How can Tantra help you?

First, Tantra is not a religion or a certain Therapy. Tantric practices are not here to fix you or your problems in life, but to help you understand that you are already perfect and you have everything in you to feel it. The problem is that we simply forget our true nature and start to believe the false knowledge that we get from our society, religion, parents, education system, etc. This is why our life sometimes feels miserable or unhappy, especially when we are growing up. It is why practicing Tantra helps you to find your true nature and makes you free from all this slavery of false information that we all grew up with.

Every human is born to shine, to find its purpose, to create something unique including its life, to experience real love, intimacy and pleasure, to live life without fear, feel joy and peace. This is why when you join the path of Tantra, especially here in my Tantra sessions, you will feel your true power and real potential to live the life you want…

It is very important that you do not delay your inner peace and harmony until later, but to live your life fully right now!!!

Tantra massage Toronto

“Massage is needed in the world because love has disappeared. Once, the very touch of lovers was enough. A mother touched the child, played with his body, and it was massage. The husband played with the body of his woman and it was massage; it was enough, more than enough. It was deep relaxation and part of love, but that has disappeared from the world. By and by, we have forgotten where to touch, how to touch, how deep to touch. In fact, touch is one of the most forgotten languages. We have become almost awkward in touching because the very word has been corrupted by the so-called religious people. They have given it a sexual colour.  The word has become sexual and people have become afraid. Everybody is on guard not to be touched unless he allows it. Now in the West the other extreme has come. Touch and massage have become sexual. Now massage is just a cover, a blanket, for sexuality. In fact, neither touch nor massage is sexual. They are functions of love. When love falls from its height, it becomes sex and then it becomes ugly.”


About Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is a very deep and healing practice. Actually, it’s not just a massage to be more clear, it’s more of an experience. When your body is going through special loving caring touches, your energetic body is united with your sexual energy, located in your Sacral chakra, returning to the physical body feelings of a full mind-body connection without any shame or disconnection.

Tantra massage works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, not like other massages. It also activates and balances your seven chakras. This authentic practice helps to raise your consciousness and grow spiritually to feel amazing freedom in your life.

One of the most important goals is to harness your sexual energy and make it flow freely throughout the whole body. When this “nuclear life force energy” moves, it removes all blockages, heals your traumas, unwanted emotions and much more.

If you feel so disconnected from your body, Tantra massage will start the transformation process towards feeling more whole and complete.

We haven’t learnt how to feel and understand our sexual energy, how to love our body, accept what we have and be in love with that, etc. Every single human has this incredibly powerful energy and I offer you the opportunity to discover it in my Tantra massage, to unleash and use it to create the life you want.

Like any other healing session I do, Tantra massage is an opportunity to let go of your shame, pain (physical or emotional), old traumas, breakups, fears and fulfill your bodily temple with acceptance, refreshed life energy and self-love.

During the session and therapeutic consultation, you will get an opportunity to recognize your old unhealthy patterns and sexual blockages, to heal them, remove them and get an answer for the negative sexual or emotional experiences.

Path to an Authentic You:

  • Only you know who you exactly are, what you want from life, what path and what experience you want to live
  • You will find answers, what is good for you now at this present moment
  • Only you, listening to your heart, can choose a right partner, friends, job or passion
  • You are your own healer. You have everything for that—your mind, body and soul—to keep yourself in harmony and balance
  • Only you can decide when it is time for change, transformation and growth

I will only hold space for you by touching your body, mind & soul and create a very special environment where everything above will happen. I will help you bring you to your Authentic You.

Tantra massage sessions take a minimum of three (3) hours, including a consultation. We start with the consultation, where we discuss your challenges, concerns, etc. and set up an intention. After we start the massage, which takes a minimum of 2hrs, where I massage your physical body and also work on your etherical (energy body) and special marma points to activate your chakras and move your sexual energy towards your upper body.

*Yoni and Lingam Healing may be included with a Tantra massage. However, this healing session is non-sexual – there is no “release” at the end of the session.

Tantra massage Toronto

Yoni Healing Massage

Yoni Healing is a very important part of Tantra massage. Yoni Healing as a part of whole-body massage is an ancient tantric practice. It is not only about orgasms (but it is about orgasms as well). First of all, it is an experience of connection with your divine feminine energy, with an authentic Spiritual You, deeper understanding of your real power and meaning of You as a woman living here on earth. Our Yonis are sacred temples, where there is great potential to perform miracles on every level. Our Yoni is not just a part of our body, but a source of life force energy where a new life may be created. Each millimeter of your Yoni connects to thousands of nerves inside, which are connected to our inner organs.

As a woman, we live in our heads with an overload of different emotions that are, unfortunately, not just positive ones: worry, stress, fear, etc. We think too much, and as a result, we forget about our bodies and fully disconnect from our Yoni. In our modern world, there are large amounts of women who are not capable of experiencing orgasms, some don’t know where their G-spot is located. When it comes to our sexuality, we often feel negative, fearful, shameful or guilty emotions.

Each woman experiences some kind of abuse in her life, and if it is not physical it can be emotional. Lots of women do not love their bodies. There is overloaded shame towards our bodies, especially our Yoni, which is brought on by our society, religion or parents. As a result, we become fully disconnected and our Yoni gets numb.

There are four stages to accepting your Yoni:

1) Numbness 2) Pain 3) Bliss and 4) Divinity Goddess Nature, Transcendence

Yoni Healing can help you achieve:

Waking up your inner divine feminine energies Improved feminine health
Opening up a powerful source of pleasure and joy inside you Learning more about your Authentic You and falling in love with yourself and your body Making your relationships much better Mental and emotional harmony Spiritual growth Increased orgasmic potential

*Tantric yoni massage is not a sexual service/it’s sexual act. The therapist has clothes on and tje massage is done with hands only.

Sacred Temple Yoni Steam

Sacred Temple Yoni Steaming is a practice to restore health and balance your feminine cycles, easy the transition through life phases, unlock the intimate magic of your womb, and release toxic emotions such as stress, tension and stagnation.

Sacred Temple Yoni Steam is for those, who desire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness through herbal medicine and harmony with their inner woman.

It is my divine pleasure to offer organic and wildcrafted herbs for your Yoni Steam practice with intention for your highest healing here in Toronto, Canada.

A Yoni steam is the special meditative practice of sitting over a steaming pot of water infused with medicinal herbs. Yoni steaming uses the healing power of plants and vital heat to restore balance to our feminine cycles in all life stages. The herb infused steam supports our bodies in the natural release of that which does not serve our optimal health, while connecting us with


• Menstrual Pain & PMS
• Fertility
• Postpartum Healing
• Irregular / Missing Menstrual Cycles
• Trauma Release
• Ovarian Cycts / Fibroids
• Yeast infections
• Environmental Detox
• Stronger & More Frequent Orgasms
• Womb Cleansing
• Menopause Transition
• Reproductive Adhesion
• Uterine Irregularity & Prolapse
• Increased Libido & Reignited Sexual Passion
• Deepened Connection to Your Feminine Essence

Just imagining beautiful you walk into my Sacred Temple leaving all your worries and stresses behind the door. I am meeting you with special incense smell, mantras and prepared special magical medicine herbs just for you. We special shakti tea or cacao ceremony and chat about our girly things, love and create an intention for yoni healing. After that I will do an activation for all your reflexology points on your feet and hands and invite you to sit on a special yoni steaming stool specially designed to this procedure and made from a natural wood. I will cover you with a blanket and your yoni immediately will infuse a steam coming from herbs and flowers. You starting to lose yourself in space and time, relax in enjoyment and pleasure connecting with your feminine source and beauty.

This session is only for my beautiful female clients and can be done individually or as an incredible part to a tantra massage.

Lingam Healing Massage

The Lingam massage is a powerful healing practice. According to the ancient knowledge of Tantra, through Lingam we can find reflexology points that can be used for relaxation, as well as healing old traumas and improving overall wellbeing. The Lingam healing massage is a fairly complex procedure that aids in removing physical and emotional blockages, helps to overcome erectile dysfunctions, and rejuvenates the whole body and mind. There is no ejaculation in the Lingam massage! Tantra teaches us that by ejaculating in an uncontrolled way, men lose their vital force energy. Through this healing practice you will learn how to channel your own sexual energy and how to move it upwards from the genital area towards the heart and the head. Sexual energy is very powerful, therefore being able to move it along the spine helps to open your heart and bring you to a higher consciousness. By doing this you will learn how to receive pleasure without expectation and how to remain relaxed yet energized. The Lingam healing massage is a meditative and spiritual practice. In this powerful session I focus to provide a safe space where you can allow yourself to be vulnerable and to heal anything that needs healing.

*Tantric lingam massage is not a sexual service. There is no sexual act and it does not involve ejaculation. The therapist has clothes on and the client is not allowed to touch the therapist. The massage is done with hands only.

Lingam Healing can help you with:

• Impotence • Premature ejaculation • Premature ejaculation • Stress • Depression • Past sexual traumas • Fear of intamacy • Low sex drive • Infertility • Lack of motivation and inspiration

Lingam Healing can help you acheive:

• Ejaculation control • Emotional release • Mental harmony • Sensory awakening • Spiritual growth • Becoming a great lover

Tantra massage is for you if:

• You’re lost and want to reconnect to yourself

• You want to shine and be happy in your life again

• You want to feel loving touch, be comfortable and warm all over

• You are tired of playing societal games and want to feel the Authentic You

• You want to live without judgement and be accepted for who you are

• You want to find something bigger in life

• You are ready to find time for selfcare and turn your phone off

• You want to remember that you are the whole universe

• You are ready to feel God (universe/nature) and unconditional love inside you

• You are open to listening to a deeper learning about yourself and your infinite wisdom

Tantra massage is not for you if:

• You think that tantra massage is only about erotic or sexual play

• You not ready to look deep inside you

• You have a mental illness or severe health issues

• You are a heavy smoker, drug or alcohol user

• You don’t believe in spirituality or holistic healing

• You think it is just a regular massage and nothing more

• You hate loving touch

• You are not ready to turn your phone off and fully relax

All my massage practices are exclusively for healing purposes and do not offer any erotic or sexual content.

Pricing, Tantra Massage:

2 hrs - $350
2.5 hrs - $400
3 hrs - $500

Yoni Steam
30mins - $150

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