Feeling your body & reconnecting with your body

In order to heal our bodies and place them back to their natural state, we must first be able to feel our bodies!

Today’s toxic environments keep our bodies frozen, on autopilot, with nervous systems that are overtaxed and overwhelmed, hence leading to numerous health and relationship challenges at an early age, like never before.  We are overstimulated by technology, media, toxic fast foods, toxic environments, thus turning to stimulants such as the growth of pain medications, addictions to drugs, alcohol, and money.

It is key that we are able to find our way out of this pattern at a very early age, or the layers of time making things more challenging for this to happen in the future. While we have a much longer lifespan today, this longer lifespan existence is through the use of mind-numbing medications in order to deal with daily life stresses. We are living much more in a Zombie kind of state,  is this any way to live? We might have a lot of money, however, our health is very messy and our relationships quite often very toxic, especially with ourselves – this is not true balance or happiness.

How do we love our bodies & stay healthy if we don’t feel our bodies? This is a very difficult equation and it does not work!

We need to create methods of finding balance, reconnecting with our bodies, getting to know them, loving them, no matter what our bodies look like, focus on feeling and staying in tune!

Key items to experiment with and implement;

  1. Start experimenting with different methods and routines, changing diet, drinking more water, taking cold showers, yoga, a fitness regimen, meditation, anything that takes you out of the norm, and starts to wake up the body;
  2. Massage, especially Kahuna(Lomi, Lomi) and Tantra, so the body’s enate energies are stimulated and start to wake up;
  3. Focus on breath work every day, practice breathing, different forms of breathing; ie. shallow, deep, one nostril breathing.
  4. Fasting once a week, so we see how our body reacts to no food for 24 hrs., eat your last meal at night, and no solid food until 24hrs. later, just water or decaffeinated tea.
  5. Experiment with how your body reacts to foods, and please make sure you reduce your processed food intake, read food labels, a lot of times, it is a challenge finding good unprocessed food, due to the additives that get included, and we are not aware.
  6. Stay away from any highly advertised products, especially if a lot of health buzz words get used in the commercials.
  7. Try Farm fresh local food as a comparison, to store-bought food.
  8. Eliminate as much as possible any medications, that you might want to take
  9. Reduce social media, phone, and tv in personal life. Introduce a no phone day!!!
  10. Go on a retreat alone or with your partner;  mediation, fitness, yoga, just get away and not to an all-inclusive resort,

One that is quiet and lets you de-stress, and detox your nervous system, pick countries that promote this, ie. Costa Rica, parts of Europe( Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland)  parts of Asia(Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia,)

At Temple, we have noticed a huge disconnect in unhealthy bodies, this disconnect is not being able to feel one’s body, not loving their body, highly taxed nervous systems, highly medicated bodies, erectile/sexual dysfunctions at an early age, fertility challenges, back pain, and not being able to sleep.

Numerous of the above ailments have reached epidemic proportions, and humans are overwhelmed with what to do next.  Well above, you have 10 suggestions and helpful tips on improving and turning things around.

Much love,

Temple Team