A warm Aloha from Australia,

As I set in this magical place in Kin, Kin, Australia, (Mette Institute) and from here we move to Stradbroke Island, for my workshop – Kahuna 6.

After 6 days of no electronics and just being in this special place, I am filled with deep gratitude!

It has been a magical and liberating 6 days away at Stradbroke Island! So special to be amongst a wonderful group of participants and facilitators with such a high standard of bodywork. Connections (physically, emotionally and spiritually) ran deep between each other and nature  – the water, moon, sun, wind, earth, Australian vegetation and native animals, were truly incredible. From waving to whales, sea eagles, ravens, blue herons, surfing dolphins, kangaroos, kookaburra and more!  We focused on how sound can aid us in helping our clients heal through massage on our table.  We also learnt more bone and joint massage techniques, extra Polynesian floor work, deeper abdominal release points and other forms of ultra relaxation and self care,

All this, i am very excited to share with you upon my return,

Overall, it feels incredible, magical, heart opening, deepening of self, playful…. Very deep processing of self… working with toning and sound resonance.

Big love to share with all of you beautiful friends, clients and my extended Temple family. I’ve shared some images of Australia so far below.

Aloha Love☺

xo Svitlana

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