ThThank you for our First Year Anniversary Event at TEMPLE BODY WORK

On November 22nd, we hosted a beautiful gathering of our clients and friends in celebration of Temple Body Work’s 1 year Anniversary at KASPACE, Toronto. The night was about human connection, good energy and great food, as we collectively raised awareness and funds for a cause that we deeply believe in.

Charite Leo was founded by the wonderful Leonie Tchatat – native of Cameroon who arrived in Canada at the age of 16. Her difficult journey led her to now be able to give back to the younger women in need here in Canada but also in Cameroon. At the event, we were lucky to meet Leonie and hear about her story and her plans for the Charite Leo foundation. We are thrilled to announce that we have raised so far $2,800 for the Charity and donations keep rolling in! We are grateful for all your support.

At the event we also had Brittany Wielgosz, founder of LuxeGlowTo and representative of DoTerra Essential Oils (which are the natural oils that we use at TEMPLE) who did a presentation and provided gifts to everyone.

Also a Temple speaker; Assiatou Diallo, from Taab Cleaning Inc., did a presentation who went on to set up her own commercial cleaning company, after having emigrated from Guinea, West Africa, and living in a woman’s shelter for a number of years and with the support of Charite Leo, was able to start her own business.

And finally, I also spoke of my journey from Ukraine with my son, and the adjustment to a new country.  Over the years, my journey continued to be taken in the holistic direction. With great understanding by experiencing healing on a deep level, being trained in modalities of Kahuna, Lomi Lomi and Tantra Massage.  I encouraged, risk taking, sharing of love, and lots of touch for healing.

It has been a year since we bravely ventured in this world of holistic massage therapy – a service that we take with great responsibility and care as TEMPLE grows forward. I am deeply grateful for all of my loyal clients and Temple family who open their hearts and spirits to me and my loving touch everyday. Thank you to all who came to the event, but also thank you to all who could not make it, but who wished they were there. I appreciate you.

We received so much amazing feedback from our guests that night and we wanted to share a few with you below.


“ It was a complete pleasure to be a part of your anniversary occasion.

Thank you so much for the invitation to share the event with my partner.  The mutual love and affection between you, your partner, friends and clients filled the room and was made poignant with the stories of perseverance, self-actualization and healing. I truly saw the energetic beauty of each one of the empowered women that spoke. As a man I was inspired by the stories and found myself filled with gratitude to have heard the struggles and evoke the hope of the female flame which burns inside each of my two daughters.

  Part of me wanted (as you stated) to hug and hold and each of those women so that I might feel the life force energy that each of them had to offer. I felt too self-conscious and vulnerable in the offer to hug. I don’t think it is too often (in our North American culture) that a man can offer to hug another man or woman with no other expectations attached other than that of sharing the desire of human contact which we all need to survive. What a different world we would live in if we would simply hold the hands of our brothers and sisters in an act of kindness, gratitude and support.

I have long struggled in the thought that my hugs are unwanted or that I was “not good enough” to give.

It is a continuing journey for me to give and accept loving touch despite having long held the belief that touch can open the doors to personal healing. I am still learning to give and receive.

 Again, Thank you so very much.”


“This event opened my eyes to new and more loving ways of being connected with people. Your words, your energy, your actions, your hugs and your enthusiasm for the people you care for and team up with left a deep impression with me. And your end-of-evening mutual bow with your partner to each other is an image of spiritual togetherness that remains embedded in my mind’s eye. Thank you for including me in this wonderful evening.”


Much Love and Gratitude

From the Temple Team

Thank you for this special night of sharing

Svitlana xox






Food : Paintbox Catering

Location : KASPACE


Presentations & Gifts also made by:

Brittany Wielgosz

Founder @luxeglowto

Purveyors of fine @doterra essential oils

Gifts & Organic products by;

Mohamed & Shairoze Verjee

Founders of; Esme & Sita


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