After many hours of energy massage sessions, working with all types of people, I have realized something rather beautiful and heartbreaking. The body records and holds on to all our experiences… the good and the bad.

Our bodies keep score and tell our life stories!!!

When we stop and create the space to feel, what is there to be felt? Our body begins the process of allowing incomplete or unresolved experiences to move through us.

By creating the opportunity to feel things we were unable to fully experience in our past, the body can complete with traumatic events and release deeply held tension. This liberates us from old beliefs and patterns that are holding us back from connecting more deeply with ourselves and other human beings.

My unique bodywork can help unlock long held tension and fear.  As you free up your body, you will gain back energy and vitality that has been trapped, in addition you will naturally feel more alive, being fully energized.

We create a safe environment for your nervous system to unwind, and release deep tension. We allow your body to communicate with you through movement, sound and breath to transform old physical and emotional patterns of contraction that have been keeping you stuck. In essence, we help you connect with your body’s natural wisdom.

As you regain feeling and sensitivity in your body, along with the ability to connect with deeper layers of emotion, you will begin to experience states of being that allow greater access to new possibilities of freedom and choice in your life.

It is so amazing to be a healer and feel gifted to help the body find its way back to the power and health it deserves.

Much love,