Both men and women of the modern era are openly looking for more knowledge on sexuality, wishing to deepen their experiences and level of intimacy. For men, exploring the Tantra lingam massage may be one option to getting some valuable answers.

The term lingam is a spiritual term marking the male genitalia in Sanskrit and it is seen as a symbol of fertility. Tantralingam massage is known to be a practice which uses various techniques that activate the sexual energy and relieve the man of blockages that may prohibit him from experiencing deep sexual pleasure, multiple orgasms and the ability to channel and move his energy and that of his partner. Through specific pressure points on the lingam, testicles and perineum a man can experience extraordinary spiritual and energetic effects. Although orgasm is not the goal of this type of massage, it can be part of a pleasant result.

Tantra Massage is a modern creation but rooted in the ancient Tantric teachings of energy. Because of the many energetic blockages that afflict most men of today, this remarkable approach to massage has become a necessity for spiritual, emotional and sexual evolution. The aim of Tantra lingam massage is to take pleasure to a spiritual level and use our potent sexual energy for a divine purpose.

The art of becoming multi-orgasmic

The lingam is revered in Tantra and it is considered an important organ of energy and power. Our Tantra Massage program is a complete system that addresses the whole body and not surprisingly also the genitals. This integral approach is what makes this modality unique and revolutionary and it’s generative effects extraordinary.

When receiving the Tantra lingam massage, one has to learn to relax and be prepared to receive. A proper massage session commences with energising the less intimate areas of the body such as the chest, back, legs and arms. Next, pressure points near and around the lingam are activated in such a way that is both healing and harmonious in nature. Lastly, the lingam itself is addressed. The session is concluded with sublimation of energy and concentration on the heart.

Over time and through practice a man will gain more and more control over his sexual energy and eventually he can apply this new found skill to his love making as well. New sensual and spiritual heights are now within his grasp and it will be possible to make love for extended periods of time and he can indeed become multi-orgasmic. Tantra lingam massage can also eliminate and eradicate a variety of common sexual dysfunctions, blockages and challenges a man can face.

Temple is a proud practitioner of the Somananda Tantra School method, and sees very enthusiastic benefit from open and willing recipients.  The results have been nothing but astounding, in establishing joy, balance, sexual benefit, acceptance, and understanding of one’s own sexual energy, how tantra massage can improve, overall health, vitality and mental mindset.

Clients have mentioned, feelings of bliss, connection, love, lasting positive feelings, improved sexual relationships.

Much Love,

Svitlana xox



Article By Liisa Maimon

Liisa Maimon

Liisa is an experienced Tantra and Yoga teacher of Somananda Tantra School. She is inspired by the life changing power of these spiritual teachings and passes them on with great enthusiasm and love.