Every human being has blockages. They can be emotional, physical, mental, sexual, and/or psychosomatic as well. Many assume that blockages stem from some degree of trauma or extremely stressful experience, and while this can be one source, it is not the only. Blockages can originate from every day, routine experience as well. Our experiences or actions don’t immediately become an imprint of course, as this does take time. However, the longer we repeat a certain pattern or behavior we create a “seed” of potential that is deposited into our physical and energetic structure. The more we feed this “seed”, unconsciously through our actions, the more it grows and becomes apart of who we are. Its inward manifestation becomes an outward projection. If the seed is of a negative or harmful nature we can begin experiencing various problems such as health issues, emotional instabilities, depression, anxiety, mental confusion, discontent in life, sexual dysfunctional and much more. Rarely we do relate such things to a particular habit or pattern that we live in our day lives. This is what we call a blockage.

Sure we can treat such physical and mental symptoms with modern medicine, but don’t get to the root of the issue. We don’t address the “seed” where the issue blossomed from. As a result many people may relieve certain ailments allopathically, but often times find that another one shows up not long after. This is simply a calling from a deeper aspect of us to get to the root of the issue.

Tantra Massage, because it addresses the entire human being and all its aspects and works with powerful forms of energy, can be a perfect tool for harmoniously relieving and alleviating various blockages, known and unknown.

Tiffany Tanner