Achieve your goals through action

Ways To ACT on your Inspiration and achieve your goals to create alignment For Your Mind, Body & Soul using exercise, diet and mindfulness.

These days, we are surrounded by an abundance of positive inspirational quotes flooding our devices daily – yet more than ever before, we are also surrounded by the most anxious, depressed, negative and toxic environments. How does this correlate?

It is a time for action, as our lives over the years have transitioned from not having enough food, not enough money, not enough nurturing environments, too many wars, and just overall hard lives in finding all the basic necessities of food, water, and shelter.  Now we have transitioned from that in most developed countries, to have more than enough of water, foods from around the world, social support systems, and shelter to name a few. So why then is there still this permeating fear, insecurity, lack of trust, and lack of courage?

We have been too cushy and comfortable for too long, so now it is truly a time of action, a time to let go of the silliness that has been sold to us, and a time for growth in our bodies, in our minds, and listen to our souls, in re-balancing the world, so that it can be sustainable.   As we crave more justice, more love, more sustainability, less corruption, and more accountability around the world, we are stuck in the words of inspiration.

Let’s unstick ourselves.

How do we do this, we actually put action behind the surface words that we use, whether these actions are viewed as big or small, there is no such thing, ACTION, is key!

This action will vary with everyone, in many ways, because everyone is motivated differently by their own sense of necessity and purpose.

You are not lost, you are searching for meaning and the right thing to do, especially among millennials, the world is on a massive search beyond our egotistical drives of titles, money and recognition.  Find a passion, more forward, make mistakes, forgive yourself, show love, and all will be well. No fear.

Let go of all media and self-illusions, created by our cultures, religions, upbringing, conditioning. Find out what motivates, drives, what turns on your juices, what keeps you up at night, and makes you feel focused to go thru a wall or sacrifice everything you have learned and done.  What takes you out of your comfort zones (and we have many), do something different every day, break out of our slumber patterns, because these patterns, will eventually take us on a road to more illusion. Go with the gut, go with the heart, it might not make sense in the moment, but eventually, it will, just because, it is the only thing that drives us to live an important and meaningful life.

Achieve your goals through action - TEMPLE BODY WORK Toronto

Helpful thoughts to ACTIVATE ACTION!


Everyone has a different body constitution and personal energy, it is important to understand what drives the energy of your body, and what natural foods make you feel good.

Go see a holistic doctor, Naturopath, Nutritionist, do extensive specialized blood work, to see what works, what doesn’t work for you, and implement a positive strategy for change.


Again here, get to know how to push your body to new muscle and physical exercise, but also know how to give it rest, do not feed the anxiety and addictive behaviors with over-exercising or overexertion. Your body can handle a lot more than we think it can but feed it gradually in a step by step kind of process. Choose to experiment with different types of exercise, and don’t be afraid to push your body into new areas of discovery.


Feed this important component also, give it love, give it exercise, read books, meditate, watch and moderate negative and limiting thoughts, have tech-free days, limit social media, more one on one personal interactions, more gratitude, more mindful and thoughtful behaviour, give it rest, lots of it (a good night’s sleep is important).

Above all take Action, on your inspiration, even if it is just small steps, and keep adding to these steps of action, sometimes it feels like baby steps, but these baby steps lead to huge steps over time, with a lot of confidence, sort of like the Tortoise and the hare story.

Love more, smile more, compliment more, show more gratitude and appreciation.

All is good with the next step of ACTion,

Even if the only thing you do in a day is make your bed.

Much Love Always!!!

Svitlana xo