Find inspiration in life and balance in your body

The connection between human inspiration and achieving balance for your mind, body and soul.


It is key for every human individual to find inspiration in life – in their own way, whatever your gender, background, environment you live in, and age.

As I write this, it is Friday afternoon, in a condo in downtown Toronto, and the power has gone out due to high winds.

I read stories of people on social media (real, maybe real, maybe not real), hear the real stories in conversations with real people, no matter what age group.  Some of these stories are very difficult and challenging stories of life happening on a daily basis, and it is up to us to react or not react in a certain way.  There are many happy stories, many emotional stories and many stories that impact us in surprising and powerful, ways, even the sad ones. We just never know how we are about to get inspired – but there is only one catch….. we have to be open to receiving inspiration! We need to be open to search for it, and also to slow down our general everyday lives so we can realize that it is everywhere.

In order to be able to receive inspiration, our senses need to open up!!! Since inspiration can be found absolutely everywhere (in a subway car, on the way to a train station, in a cab, on a dirty street) if we just open our senses: our sight, our hearing, our noses, and our touch, and lastly our voices, we would be surprised of what we hear, see and feel. When we open up and are able to see the wonders that exist all around us, no matter where we are.  If we are not inspired by where we are, we need to change our daily patterns, do something different (every day), reach out to people, connect to nature, be still, be quiet, and listen.   We need to show gratitude, respect, and awe for the simple things.

Find inspiration in life - Temple Body Work TorontoMost of our customers, friends, and clients, have expressed a challenge in just being able to be open and receive. This is due to many things, such as family stresses, personal stresses, partners, kids, generally overwhelmed with life, and the speed everything is happening and changing.  Therefore the only solution we see is to slow things right down, way down…….. take social media breaks, cell phone days off (Sundays), nature visits, journaling, gratitude breaks, long walks, loving discussions with strangers,  connect with your favorite family member(s), being silent, meditating, sending king words to a friend, supporting someone, or doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone (causing you to reflect) and get out of autopilot mode.

A good way for the body to jump start this process of inspiration is for our bodies to be in relax mode, this relax mode can be induced very quickly be a sacred massage, either Ka Huna (lomi, Lomi) or Tantra, which are both energy massages that release blockages.

The gentle flowing Kahuna process, takes the cells of the body on a surreal flight journey of discovery on its own, through a gentle, loving stimulation of the body.  This envigorating process is something that will soothe the nervous system, get another term for relaxation of the senses. So much so that when you leave the sacred space, you will hear the birds in the neighbourhood, see the trees in full bloom, smell the aromas that are produced by nature, feel the wind caress your face, see the sun and all its wisdom peer through the clouds, you will walk and just feel love, nature and how you perfectly fit into it.

Find inspiration in life - Temple Body Work TorontoYou can find inspiration by giving inspiration to a random person – as random acts of kindness will surprise yourself with a great capacity to receive and give loving kindness.

As I finish writing, the power has come back on, the winds have died down, and the sun has come out stronger.

Much love xo


Till we meet (again)