Do you know that in Tantra ejaculation and orgasm are two different things?

When I talk to my clients I found that most of them thing it is same things, but its not. In my tantra massage practice and work with a clients I help them learn and understand how to cultivate their sexual(lifeforce) energy and experience continuing rolling expansion of the orgasm throughout the whole body, healing and rejuvenating the whole system.

This orgasmic feeling can be extended in duration and repeated for hours.

Tantra looks at the orgasm as the combined essences of all the body’s vital organs, the distillation of the best internal energies at the given moment.

When a couple comes together to makes love, their orgasmic energies join, combining the universal, cosmic and earthly forces. Be redirecting this powerful energy inwardly, people could heal and rejuvenate their bodies and revitalise their brains.

Unfortunately, most of them carelessly lose their health and the life-force in the quest for common outwards orgasms. Those orgasms are mere pulsations that occur only in the genital area.

For men, outward orgasms are short in duration and cannot be repeated once the seminal fluids are gone. Ejaculation causes only a brief sensation in which your sexual energy is passed out of the body and lost.

For women, there is not much energy lost through orgasm as men, but if female sexual energy is not cultivated and transformed, they don’t receive much of healing benefits through orgasm. Women lose sexual energy through menstruation and childbirth.

In contrast, the internal orgasm, cultivated through Tantra practices and massage, occurs throughout her entire body.

It is a healthier and long lasting approach with no loss of sexual energy. The sensations travel through all of the organs, glands, and nerves, thrilling and revitalising them with a sexual energy.

When people learn how to harness and transform their sexual energy, they begin to love, protect our nature and universe all around.

But when people lose that energy through common outward orgasms, they become destructive.

That happens because of the common misconception that sex is intended pent up energies and emotions.

The truth is that sex is a means of building up the energies that the body needs for healing and revitalising. Your sexual desire is not really a search for release, but it is a search for a new sources to replenish lost life-force energy.

When too much sexual energy is lost, the brain and sensory organs become empty. The needs for internal energy become desperate and people start to seek for more and more orgasmic pleasures to fill that void (for example: watching porn, especially for men, becomes serious addiction and creates lots of problems on many levels, but it is a separate topic to talk about!).

In Taoist Tantra they say that this stage is like a little death, a self-destruction through over stimulation of the senses, with vital energies pouring out.

With time, destructive attitude increases as people try to replace their lost sexual energy through means which further drain them. The subconscious mind suffers and intends to destroy itself and everything around it.

All these problems occur because people lose so much sexual energy in their daily lives that they have no control over their bodies and minds (it is where men suffer a lot with PE or ED today).

Tantra educates people about true sexual health and how it can enhance the most pleasurable sensations without draining the body’s vital energies.

Sexual energy when properly cultivated, can benefit your health, vitality, longevity and spirituality.

If you would like to master your sexual energies for healing and rejuvenation, I invite you to join us for our tantric workshops or work privately with me during your tantra massages.

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