If are you stressed, it means you are not trusting life. If you are unsuccessful, it means you lack discipline. If you are sick often, it means you are full of negative thoughts. Real success is connecting to your personal growth. In our modern world, success is measured by money. Real success is fostering peace of mind, health, happiness and abundance.

Here is a list of some principles that will help lead you to success:

  • Love who you are and do what you love! If you “role play” and hate what you do, you start suffering, live in stress and crisis. If today you don’t see the possibilities for doing what you want to do, make an effort to find those possibilities.
  • Don’t think about results and enjoy the process! You probably do not get everything you want right away, so be patient and persistent, you will get what you want. Don’t pay attention to what others think, just do your work!
  • We have time for everything! When people complain they have no time, just see what they do when they are free. Don’t waste your precious time on the phone, social media or watching television. Value your time!
  • Play sports, walk in nature, develop a healthy body & healthy soul. What success can you get if your body is weak or sick?
  • Learn how to get quality rest. Treat yourself with a massage, mindful walking, eating healthy food, meeting good friends, meditation, art, music, etc.
  • Learn how to work without stress and, if you get it sometimes, learn how to quickly get rid of it. Breathing will help you with that: sit and breathe. Inhale on 4 and exhale on 8. Observe what parts of your body are tense and what’s relaxed.
  • It is very important to be disciplined. Go to bed early and wake up early. It is proven that our body rejuvenates from 10 pm till midnight. If you don’t sleep at this time, your body will accumulate stress. Wake up at 5 am and plan your time for your thoughts, plans for the day, exercise, and meditation. Set up an intention for the day. Morning is the best time to do it. Plan your day not just for your work but for rest also.
  • Stop worrying and worrying! Life sends us life lessons. Take things with gratitude and learn from them fully. If you can’t change the situation, just accept it.
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you. We all need simple human support from each other and if people around you are judging you or not agreeing with what you are doing, just let them go and when you close the door, new people show up for you.
  • Learn how to work without pressure. Make sure you sit comfortably and breathe. Observe whether your eyes, neck, head and shoulders are relaxed. Just stay calm and at peace.
  • Learn how to work with your fear. Try to find those emotions and thoughts that challenge you to live effectively.
  • Don’t judge! Judgement creates jealousy. It takes so much power from you and keeps you away from success.
  • Share with others, donate and support those in need. It will help open your heart more.
  • Think positive; this is so important in life. Look at life situations from different points of view, be optimistic and your life will be much better.
  • Be your own coach. Write down your goals and work on them by priority, not all at once. Do a daily gratitude journal.

Always remember that your success and happiness is in your hands. Believe that the universe has your back.


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