Isn’t your life what your family, society, parents, partners or friends expect from you?!

Especially more for those who as a kid used to do many activities forced upon them by their parents, who finished certain degrees and never liked what they do. Those who work hard and long hours hating their jobs, just to pay the bills, their mortgage, car payments, etc.

Usually, these people come to me saying, “I am so tired of this life … I have everything I need but I am not happy, I don’t even know what I want and what makes me happy…”

Here I am not even talking about unhealthy bodies and “monkey” overloaded minds. Of course, my dear friends, you are tired and unhappy because you do not live your life, but the life which you are being told to live by someone else who created this fake understanding of a happy, successful life.

What is that magic cure for this?! You have to learn to listen to your inner voice, your intuition, your gut, your own authentic truth. Find out who you are, what your purpose in this life is and how to live free from all the rules our society dictates to us.

Because somebody else’s expectations and your own truth are two different things. The most ideal situation would be not getting yourself into a crisis like this in the first place, but if it has happened to you, there are surely things that you can always do to make things better.

Here are some helpful tips I highly recommend you start yesterday (or as soon as you can😉):

  • Learn to meditate. Meditation can help you live your fullest life—it calms your mind down, helps you to feel and to understand yourself.
  • During meditation explore you Authentic You and your truth. This helps you to be clear and see differences between yours and somebody else’s truth.
  • On a regular basis, clean your inner world and energies. There are so many methods for doing this today: Ayurveda, Tantra, shamanic healing practices, Hawaiian healing modalities, etc. All of these treatments are offered by Temple Body Work here in Toronto, including Tantra massage of course and many, many more. Keep trying and choose what works best for you.
  • Discover all possibilities the world offers you. Don’t be scared, be open and brave towards totally new things, like Tantra for example.
  • Play sports, run, do workouts, yoga, and/or walk in nature every day.
  • Clean your body inside: fast, drink more water, watch what you eat, have enough sleep. Simply take care of your body every day.

How do you like your life today? Are you healthy and happy? Do you live your truth or somebody else’s? Have you connected to your body and soul? What are you missing in your life?

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