The Power of Loving Touch (Series 1)

How to prepare for receiving a Massage

Would you like to improve circulation, reduce stress, Improve Sleep or relieve body pain?

When you come visit Temple Body Work on your first or next massage, whether it be Kahuna, Lomi Lomi, or Tantra massage, the following practices will help improve and get the greatest short and long-term benefit with your massages.

Massages actually last anywhere from 10-21 days in the body!

These days depend on your health condition, how much medication you are taking, what your food intake is like, if you drink excessively, do drugs, smoke, or have abused your body over the years.

Please sit and assess, these important facts, and adjust accordingly. Above all, please be candid with your therapist, and have full disclosure on certain physical & emotional challenges you are currently having.  Once this happens, you will be open to receive the healing benefits!

So….. before you come for a massage, stay light on your stomach for 24 hours, drink some fluids (primarily water), set an intention for your massage and speak positively to your body!

Come with an open mind, come with no agenda, come and prepare to experience healing energy☺

Set enough time aside for your massage, for some rest time, so 2-3 hours, and set it as me time after you leave your treatment, no electronics, restful walk, maybe a meditation, and just you time.

Epsom salt bath at night, and lots of water, take time for a brief detox.

Before your massage treatment starts, be open to choose your personal essential oils, for combining with the organic coconut oil. 

At the start of the massage, set your intention, and just relax, with a lot of breathing, feeling the sensations of the massage strokes, the aroma of the oils you have chosen, and the soothing temple music that has been chosen just for you!

The massage is anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on your selection; through your session, focus on breathing, feel the joy, feel the love and feel your energy flowing through your body. Feel areas that have pain and have blockages, send love intentions and let your energy do the loving work.  

Feel your emotions, whatever they may be. There could be many emotions pulsing through your body and mind,  whatever you feel, go with the flow, do not be afraid to show them, if you feel like crying, laughing, yawning, yelling, do it, do not be afraid, this session is much more,  it is about re- connecting with your true self and feeling your soul again. This means many things can happen, on the emotional and physical front, that you did not expect.  

Just go with your heart and what you feel. There will be no judgement and as a matter of fact you will be encouraged to let go of all this stuff you are holding on to, even if it’s just on a temporary basis, while you are getting your blissful and magical massage.

Therefore, to prepare:

  1. Come with no preconceived notions, or judgements
  2. Mentally prepare to receive a blissful, relaxing and loving massage
  3. Drink some water before your treatment and lots after your treatment
  4. Take time to arrive for your appointment on time and take time after your appointment for some relax and me time, i.e. Walk, listen to the surrounding sounds, walk in nature, speak carefully, listen more, speak only positive words. 
  5. Listen to your body and how it feels
  6. Listen to your mind and how it feels
  7. Meditate and show slow deliberate behaviour in your actions and words
  8. Do not react to negative thoughts, send them love, and cast them away
  9. Recite some positive mantras and thought
  10. Rest, go to bed early, and possible take an Epsom salt bath


Many New Years Blessings,

Much love always

Till my loving strokes touch your body again☺