What is Tantra?

As long as we are lost in the chaos of our own thinking, the activity of our own minds, we stay on the surface. Working with the body has a very interesting effect on that chaos. The more we COME HOME to the body, the more that surface static begins to quiet down. And the more we cease to dominate and control our experience. In the Tantric tradition, working with the body, is the basis for self-inquiry.

Many people assume that working with the body is actually a preliminary technique and that later they are going to get more profound things. The more you study Tantra, the more you commit to feeling everything fully. And the more you find yourself working with your body, you realize that there is nothing more profound than the capacity to feel, witness and be with your direct experience.

Tantra is about working with reality. It’s about working with this earth, working with our feelings beneath the surface, exploring our experience. – It’s not about catapulting one’s self into a different realm. It’s not about leaving behind this concrete earthy reality that is ours and it’s not about materializing our experience. By working with the body, we are able to explore the mystery within us, explore the experience of being human. We are able to take radical responsibility for
our current reality.

Are you in your body? Breathe. Feel. Feel and listen to what’s going on in there, and then you will actually be able to feel and listen to what’s going on “out” there with a beautiful receptivity.

The education system teaches us to be in our minds. Tantra is a re-education that guides us to be in our bodies.