How to release tension in the body

Releasing tension is the key to a healthy and happy everything in life. Over the past few years, I have noticed that most human bodies are full of tension. This tension collects things over time; negative emotions, positive emotions, addictive behaviours, destructive behaviours and disease. These tensions form into patterns that start to define us and our bodies.

1- Understanding our tension & patterns

It seems to be increasingly difficult to remove tension, de-stress, detox or re calibrate the nervous system, in our bodies, hence most of us feel like we are going through the motions on a daily basis and we are walking zombies.

It does not have to be this way!!!

As we walk thru life, with relationships, partners, kids, family and friendships, a few of us are learning to make conscious choices, and those are done by us after much soul searching and not being satisfied with Status quo, because status quo has landed us in a most unhappy period of time.

2- Looking after our body and health

As we start to re-evaluate our priorities, we start looking at our own well being and at ways to look after our temple. Because, if we don’t look after ourselves, we cannot be of any service to our friends, family, and anyone else. This temple needs to be a health fit (not just a six pack-fit), from the inside out. Therefore, understanding the foods we eat, how we eat, the portions and overall how our body reacts to them. We also need to get our bodies to move, walking, running, gym, yoga, races, and many other types of movement. Most people’s workout patterns, just fuel their addictive behaviours, or they workout to be able to eat bad nourishment.

We like to help people, let their energy flow, unblock, receive the goodness that the planet and nature has to offer.

3- Massage as a main form of healing and release

Temple’s Ka Huna, Lomi Lomi or Tantra massage lets the innate energies of the body release tension, unwind negative energy, reconnect with the body and overall recalibrate the nervous system. If this nervous system is calibrated, chances are the lymphatic system, will be able to clear toxins and improve flow so disease does not collect in the block energy centres.

As I write these thoughts, I am reminded of the Bruce Lee comment “be like water”. Our bodies are made up of 75% water. And, if there are blockages, this water cannot flow, and the ponds get very ugly and start collection things,(not good). So, we must keep the flow. We must promote and respect the flow. We also must be conscious of the need for flow – especially the flow of life.

The Temple Sacred massages (Kahuna, Lomi Lomi & Tantra) are the best way of promoting and maintaining this positive energy flow, for your own temple, that needs to be at full capacity, for physical and mental wellbeing.

The massages at Temple have a lasting effect of 10 to 21 days after being received. This transformational tension release is given with sacred Hawaiian Techniques, and the Tantra massages with Sacred Himalayan techniques that have been developed over the years to suit Western culture.

Please read more about our client experiences in our many reviews on google or our website. Most clients describe the overall feeling of being more connected and being aware of birds, nature, parts of their bodies that they didn’t know they had, overall great focus, clarity, sharpness, and that the life fog has been removed. Not to mention many pain elements being totally gone.

We also welcome you to call for a verbal consultation on specific requirements you might have.

Much Love,