Fear and how to release it

Fear is pervasive in todays society. Fear is generated in every corner; media, friends, family, neighbours, social media, governments, and our minds. We all have fears. They can be fear of spiders, snakes, heights, airplanes, weather, relationships, death, dying, abandonment, getting old, body image challenges, Sexuality, not being good enough, what will people think, and the list goes on and on!

We are used to living in paralyzed fear 24 hrs. per day. We wake and sleep in fear, sad state of affairs. Our minds and bodies get stuck in that habitual rut, of constant same patterns, of work & family responsibilities. The body holds our emotions in our cells, fascia and muscles. It’s these memories and experiences that we have of the past and present that are negative that create stress in the body. As the mind is stressed, the body responds to the stress of the mind and then it creates the tension and pockets of illness. The only way to remove it out of the body is through the body.

How to let go and surrender

Let go and surrender!!!

Whether that be in a warm embrace, the practice of yoga, being in nature, a massage, a warm cup of tea, coffee, or a laugh with a friend. Can you find these areas in your body and what arises within and let them go?

Letting go and surrendering is a choice! Resistance is a choice. And, holding on to the fear is a choice. We forget how many choices we have in life. We fall back into thinking we are just subject to the current and that we are just floating around without a paddle.

This is not the truth!!!

If you think about your life, there is no need to hold on to your fears. Holding on to anything is going to be a fight for the long run. Go for a run, go work out, go relax, walk in nature, go meditate, go and get to know a stranger, go share some random acts of love & kindness, go make friends with yourself, go push the boundaries of fear. Stare it in the eye, and say you are not afraid.

Above all, go get a massage so you can get to know your energies. Make peace with your emotions and release this fear on all levels. Your body has this great mysterious capability to heal and be healed in many wondrous ways that we are just discovering.

Much love,