Temple Travels to – Hedonism II, Jamaica

As we boarded onto a WestJet flight to Jamaica, I was reminded of our visit from a few years ago; The feeling of freedom, non-judgement, acceptance and a certain openness. The experience we had a few years ago, was very unique and powerful. You really get the opportunity to just be you, to unwind, and decompress from a highly stressed world

Upon arrival, we met with our colleagues @swanncenter, to get together and re-connect. My partner and I had never been to this type of resort (clothing optional) before, very unconventional and different on the surface from societal norms or values. So, we were very curious to see how this was going to go!

A trip to Jamaica from Toronto is always interesting. I am sure most people would imagine a crowd of people who would participate in cannabis like ceremonies. Although, its actually a lot of families going back home to visit (Toronto has a big Jamaican population), along with your regular travellers from Toronto and other parts of Canada.

This openness invites a candid discussion; An open and healthy approach to life, body acceptance, how to love the body you are given, and how to challenge the mind in our relationships. As well as providing an open forum for other challenging conversations.

Contrary to popular belief, this resort @hedonismjamaica is for people interested in non-societal norms. Being able to re-connect with yourself, accepting your body as it is no matter what shape or what age. Having the opportunity to converse with people from other countries, seeing different approaches to life, wearing clothes or not wearing clothes. You are able to talk about many uncommon things, with couples and singles from around the world. In a typical resort, this openness would never exist!

Numerous people we meet have been to this resort multiple times, most actuall7 visited 10-20 times. One gentleman had stayed at this resort since inception, so 37 years, staying for at least 3 months each year. Imagine how many people he meets a year; He has hundreds of stories to share.

After 10 days, we swam naked (numerous times), in Catamaran’d in the bay. We took a fishing boat to a small island for some freshly caught lobster, ATV’d, and Zip lined. Then, we went to a Rastafari Festival, walked a 7 mile beach a few times, attended a G-spot seminar, and had an amazing birthday dinner on the hedo beach (clothed)!


Temple Travels to – Hedonism II, Part 2

Hedonism – Best described by a short note from: @thesensualsorceress

Skin is not SIN

Being naked is being you in your natural state. It’s how you came into this world; It is vulnerable, because you are exposed. So when people shame others for being naked or wearing revealing clothing, they are actually shaming them for being their authentic selves.nThis is extremely harmful because this carries over to all areas of your life. Your subconscious processes this shame as “It’s not safe to be vulnerable or authentic”. When others shame us, it’s because they feel the shame on themselves. This mindset was passed on from someone else, which they now pass onto you…. And so on. It’s a vicious cycle, but luckily it can stop with you!

Some ways to become comfortable being naked:

  1. Go to a nude beach.
  2. Sleep naked
  3. Look at naked photos/videos of someone who looks similar to you naked.
  4. Have sex with the lights on
  5. Hang out with your partner naked
  6. Take time to lovingly touch your naked body (especially the parts you don’t like).
  7. Start a communication with your body.  Tell your body you love it and are grateful for it.  Apologize for when you’ve been unkind to it.
  8. Dance naked
  9. Start to see the beauty in all kinds of bodies.
  10. Be naked in Nature.

Hedonism II, represents many things to many people. To us it represents Nature, being free, opening your mind, acceptance and love for your body, and other bodies.

For now wishing you an amazing journey into 2019, full of love, good health and acceptance!

Good Health & Love to All,

Svitlana & Robert