In order to experience the amazing & transcending massage benefits, it is just as important to understand & be able to properly receive a massage.


Breathe – Breathe– Breathe

As a human race, we are quick to judge and think we understand, however then we begin to realize that we know very little and what we do know has been a default program with a lot of alarming untruths; these untruths, primarily brought on by religious & cultural beliefs!

Focus on your breath, and relaxation of physical body so you are able to receive the flowing strokes of Kahuna (Lomi Lomi),  receive the gift of release and love.

Observe how your body receives the loving massage strokes, notice the gentle and not so gentle reactions of the body, – breathe.

Notice how your body is receiving a massage, are you releasing into the pain, sore spots and just letting go, or are you fighting and resisting the new found energy that is infusing your body. – breathe.

Notice your thoughts, let them flow, are they sharp, clouded, many, or just jumbled up?

Are they clear, lucid and focused?

Are they positive or mainly negative?

Notice, let go, observe and let go, —- breathe.


If you do your part in the sacred massage, it will allow you to transcend your physical and emotional pain.  By doing your part, your masseuse is allowed to focus on what she is good at; the art of massage, Kahuna (lomi, Lomi).

  1. Breathe deeply throughout the session
  2. Trust yourself and your body’s natural healing intelligence
  3. Expect the best! Anything is possible, energy flows where your attention goes

And your part is very simple, breathe – breathe – breathe

And let the magic unfold!!!

Love & Blessings