As a Holistic Therapist, I take great care and pleasure in my clients’ energies and overall experience, when they visit for a treatment.

It is always amazing to see people arrive with their challenges, stresses and tensions of everyday life and the transformations that happens during and after the massages. The palpable differences in reduced stress and relaxation induced by the energetic massages, are very evident in the physical body.

Most incredible and amazing to see, is when energies are awakened and emotional releases happen. For some, it happens right away and for others, it requires a few sessions.

Every client is different, since it depends on how open one is in accepting the treatment. The receiver needs to relax, accept and breathe into all facets of their cells, in order to get the maximum rejuvenating benefits.

I wanted to share with you a few individual client stories. Two girls, two different life realities, both girls having had two massages, the same expectations, they came for healing and living a better life.


Human “1”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with poor self-esteem. I’ve resented and refused to accept myself for so long, that my

resentment and self-loathing became to feel normal and resulted in a lot of self-destructive and unhealthy behaviours. Innately I knew that acceptance and love would be the key to helping me feel comfortable in my own skin, however I’ve never known how to actually achieve those feelings.

My session with Svitlana was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Her space was just as friendly and welcoming as she was. I both needed and appreciated her gentle reminded that all I had to do was relax and breathe, which helped ease my apprehension and nervousness. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the warmth of her presence combined with the relaxing setting and calming music allowed me to let go of my feelings of insecurity. I vividly recall blissful moments of tingling sensations moving through me as she touched my neck. It was an incredible and almost indescribable experience.

As I shared some of my personal experiences with her, she listened intently and compassionately. She provided me with warm and encouraging words of kindness and recommended the perfect meditation to help assist me in what I was struggling with most, which has helped me immensely.

I’ve always felt uncomfortable crying in front of people but I began to feel overwhelmed by her kindness and support. Instead of feeling embarrassed and ashamed, which I normally do — it felt necessary. It was very cathartic. It felt as if I needed to cry and release a lot of the limiting and negative beliefs that have held me back. I felt so much lighter and free afterwards. For the first time in my entire life, I felt at peace with myself. I finally felt whole. I felt compassion, forgiveness and gratitude for my body.  Instead of seeing my body as a something I resented, I felt a great deal of respect and compassion for everything I had put it through. Instead of loathing, I felt love.

Yes I still have moments of unease and discomfort, but not to the extent I’d learned to accept as my natural state, prior to meeting Svitlana. Since my session, I have found it extremely helpful to re-live my experience by reminiscing about it — helping me return to the way I felt during and immediately after my session.

Svitlana helped me positively change the way I see and feel within myself and release a lot of my negative self-views and beliefs. She helped me learn to love and appreciate and admire my body. It has impacted my perspective and reduced my focus from my insecurities by shifting my focus from how I look to how I feel. She significantly improved my relationship with myself and aided me on my path towards self-acceptance, forgiveness and love. She has helped me learn that happiness and peace are not a destination — they’re something that requires practice and a lot of forgiveness, daily.

Thank you Svitlana for this incredible experience. I am eternally grateful for you and your incredible work.

love Robyn


Human “2”

I recently had my second KaHuna massage session with Svitlana at Temple Body Work, and wow.

Svitlana welcomed me like a true friend, caring about my well-being, asking me what my primary concerns were, and if there was anything specific she should focus on. 

I then chose my essential oils of preference. “Not your favourite,” she said—which is, and always will be lavender—but “based on your intuition of the present moment.” I ended up with a unexpected fusion of orange and jasmine, a combination that brought my senses to an energizing, calming and profound place.

I thought I knew what to expect since I had already experienced KaHuna massage. Wrong! My second session proved that it can surprise you, depending on what’s happening around you, and deep within you.

When it was done, I felt what it must feel like to be a pancake. Laying flat on the table with softness, I was completely relaxed and at rest; a bit crisp and cold on the outside, fluffy and warm on the inside. And then came the hot towel on my feet to soothe my entire being once again, like the best hug.

Svitlana offers a chakra cleansing, energy healing, aromatherapeutic, meditative, full body treatment, paying great attention to detail, and honouring you as a whole. She works in symbiosis with what your own energy reveals, and treats it accordingly. It’s divine. I’m excited to see what my next appointment will unravel!

Love Rose