A lot of people ask what it’s like to come for a treatment at TEMPLE. So we’ve decided to show you a little bit more of how an experience with holistic therapist Svitlana Oreshkina feels like.

Svitlana welcomes you in her private space in Toronto where one feels an immediate sense of peace and calm. There are candles and gentle incense burning, along with beautiful aromas of essential oils which fill the air, creating a relaxing ambiance. There is soft music playing and Svitlana walks you through the space to settle your belongings and sit with her to discuss your treatment.

Svitlana then guides you to her doTerra natural essential oils collection to select three of your favorite aromas, which she then uses to create a custom oil potion to use on your skin during your massage. This oil is given to you at the end of your treatment to take home.

Svitlana created Temple’s Sacred Space to be welcoming, soft and warm – a place where you can feel safe and allow yourself to fully let go of the outside world and for the time you are in her care, you can fully¬†enjoy the Temple treatments.

See below images of the Temple Space